Watch 1da Banton's Live Performance of “No Wahala”

Watch the "No Wahala" live performance video above


Nigerian Afrobeats artist, 1da Banton recently shared a new video of himself doing a live performance of his song, “No Wahala” during his recent session at the Glitch Africa studios, called Glitch Sessions.

The video was shared via Youtube.

He did an interesting live performance of his tune 'No Wahala' - the song that has been warming hearts since it was released in 2021.

Taken from his album ‘Original Vibes Machine’ the lyrics of the song are just what fans need in 2022 as it encourages a fun life despite life’s difficulties, an anthem to serve as a sort of escape from worrying.

On the live performance platform Glitch Africa, The singer was accompanied by a band, performed a different version of the song, although he kept the song’s dynamic and funky mood.

Analysts and commentators have approved the manner in which the singer created "another feel away from the original sound."

The song is number 10 on Cool Best 20 chart.

Watch the "No Wahala" live performance video above:

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