Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

  • 1:00am

    Overnight Lounge

    Music to keep you company all night long.

  • 6:00am

    Saturday Morning Groove

    The best way to kick off your Saturday is with a groove. Find all your favorite songs, fun game shows and Tiki Taka in one show Test your knowledge of pop culture and win cash prize on the weekend pop quiz

  • 12:00pm

    Saturday Afternoon Groove

    Megga brings the fun and good vibes to the weekend. Playing the right music, and keeping you engaged with light gist and game shows.

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  • 6:00pm

    Weekend Night Out

    KO hosts the best alternative to actually going out on a Saturday night and its way more affordable. We talk about your typical weekend activities like the TV shows you’re binging on, the music on your playlist and whatever you talk about when hanging out with friends.