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I've Been Chasing Masterkraft for Almost a Decade - Waje

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Waje On How She Got Masterkraft to Work on 'Feeling Good'

Waje discusses her new Singles and her plans for 2022 with Mannie and mahogany on the #thebreakfastshow. Get a tidbit of the gist of the interview below...


Mahogany remarks in her opening statements that Waje's new songs 'Lover' and 'Feeling Good' are unique.

Mahogany: She has some new bodies of work that we need to talk about listening to some of them off the air, and it is let's I love it. it's a new kind of sound, though.

Mannie: Why don't you tell us exactly what your sound is right now?

Waje: I feel like I'm going to a point where I don't have to prove anything to anybody. Right now, I'm in a space of just really enjoying and living through the music, so wherever the music takes me that's where I'm going.

Mannie: You've accomplished a lot in music. you know, everybody respects you for your vocal skills, and you know the history behind everything and everything, but right now, we're in a new space.

Mahogany: I feel like something that we expected for these children to grow as well. You people paved the way for the music to be recognizable for these kids.

Waje: And to be honest with you, they're very inspiring. they make you sit up and do what you need to do. there was a time in music when it was just really about just going into the studio and... you just say something people buy, but now, lyrically, you have to come correct, song arrangement, you have to come correct. even in your enunciations, you have to come correct.

Mahogany: This is 'Feeling Good' right, you x MasterKraft. how did that happen, did you contact MasterKraft and MasterKraft say, oh, yeah, we need to work together on something.

Waje: I've been chasing Masterkraft for almost a decade. Like I'm such a fan of his music, his production, and everything about his music. He's such a musical genius, and we've just never really had the time. He's even featured me and we still didn't have time to do my own project, yeah, so I guess the timing was right. and when I told him, I said I'm ready. I'm putting out material and he was like, okay, come, let's work.

Mannie: Like some guy would back down and say, how comes about this movement of 'Feeling Good' and 'Lover' is it a plan of an EP, or is it a plan of an album?

Waje: it's a plan of an album actually.

Mannie: So we now know that we have many projects coming in 2022, so where would you be like performing? Like, where can we catch you?

Waje: You know, like the Madison Square Garden, O2 Arena, like the Inglewood, you already know like just for me to send you a flyer.

Mannie: but how happy are you about this project? Because sometimes satisfaction comes from within.

Waje: I am very happy. I'm extremely happy because I really worked hard the way it is.

Play the video to listen to what Waje says about her lifestyle and the two albums coming in 2022.