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3 words that best describe me... Electric. Strong. Beautiful

If I wasn’t working at the radio station, I’d be... A fitness instructor and Writer
My Celebrity Crush is... Chloe Bailey
The song that best describes me is....  I’m getting Ready (Tasha Cobbs ft Nicki Minaj)
I have a fear of... Failure
If I could have dinner with one person, it would be... Oprah Winfrey
I bet you didn’t know I could... Draw, Impersonate, Call for Prayers (Islam), split, Run, High jump, Act, speak in tongues.
My favorite movie is... The Perfect guy 
The Ultimate TV show is... Game of Thrones
The song that I can listen to on repeat and never get tired of is... Just Go (Lionel Richie ft. Akon) and Have Mercy (Chloe Bailey)