Wizkid On How Justin Bieber Came on 'Essence'

Wednesday, October 20th, 2021 3:42pm

By Jude Chukwuemeka

Ever since Justin Bieber hopped on 'Essence', the song has blown bigger abroad

Wizkid granted a brief interview to Complex News in Las Vegas recently, telling Claire Ateku some important facts about his private person, and also about the making of 'Essence' the biggest single of the 'Made In Lagos' album..

Speaking about He reached out to me and he just said he loved the record. Then he sent a verse, we linked up and performed it together. We made it in America. 

Wizkid also made it known that he and Justin Bieber has more songs that fans will still enjoy. He didn't disclose when the songs will be released.

During the course of the interview, he mentioned that his favorite track out of MIL album is not 'Essence'. 

It might be 'Blessed' or 'True Love', he told Claire Ateku on YouTube.

One wonders why 'Essence' is not one of his favorites off the album. He said he knew the song was a hit from the beginning.

When asked what is that special moment made him feel he had made it, Wiz said he hasn't had that moment yet.

The things that mean more to him in life are taking care of his family, being financially stable. 

Ever since Justin Bieber hopped on 'Essence', the song has blown bigger abroad, especially on Billboard Hot 100.

During the interview he also confirmed that he hardly sleeps, as he balances work time with family.

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