Pretty Mike Opens Up About His Recent Stunt

"My last stunt could have gone really ugly"

Popular Nigeria Social life influencer Pretty Mike joined Tacha on The Big Friday Show and he revealed everything about his various stunts, including the last one that caught the eyes of many.

The rather weird influencer opened up to Tacha about his recent stunt at a party that had people talking about a lot of things calling Pretty Mike all sorts of names including a "Ritualist".

In the viral video, Pretty Mike was seen with girls holding a tray filled with pepper and vegetable, and a guy carrying a big cooking pot, Pretty Mike went ahead to put a dwarf inside the pot and tried to cook the dwarf, and that certainly got people's reaction

"It could have gone really ugly, I added changes to it 24 hours before the show".

Pretty Mike told Tacha how some changes that were made to the stunt prevented it from going wrong.

However, Pretty Mike also reacted to the popular actress book Yvvone Nelson and also the Big Brother Nigeria Re-Union happening.

Watch the full video to enjoy more.