Why I love Ayra Starr’s Bloody Samaritan And Lojay’s EP - Falz Pipe Up

Falz live on The Road Show with Kaylah!

  • He said Naomi (The Voice) is talented and is going somewhere
  • The most important thing he has learned as an artist is that no matter what you want to do, your career comes first. You have to make that choice.
  • Falz stated that he loves Lojay, and the EP ‘LV N ATTN’ that Lojay did with Sarz. He mentioned that he likes Ayra Starr’s ‘Bloody Samaritan’. He is a huge Omowunmi fan
  • Of all Nigeria’s problems, the one that bothers Falz the most is the lack of accountability and responsibility. Falz stated that Nigerians are conducting themselves like animals, due to this lack of consequence.

Falz stated that he has plans for a cooking show in the nearest future
He has an album in the works. He declined to announce a release date.

Falz talks about his feelings about The Voice, his way of balancing private life with the public lifestyle. He made it clear that balancing things can be hard somewhat...

Catch all Falz shared with Kaylah about his single “Have Mercy” and his upcoming project!