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Will Niniola Feature Beyoncé in Her Upcoming EP?

Listen to what she revealed to Taymi B

The Queen of Afrohouse showed up on The Late Morning Show with Taymi B to discuss her love for music and why she decided to drop her latest song.

She told Taymi B she had always been a ballad singer, which informs her love for singing RnB and Blues.

But since her audience is mixed, she said she's been dropping RnB singles but now she wanted to sing for the love of music and not care about the commerciality of the songs.

After a brief discussion about whether she would 'commercialize' her too, because they are too much, as Taymi B said, later they jumped into discussions about Niniola's latest song.

Niniola dropped a new Amapiano and Afro-house project titled 'Too Sweet (O dun)' just a few weeks ago.

Taymi B: Who produced this song?

Niniola: Shuffle.

Taymi B: He's South African. Will they give you visa? Do you feel like you're at home in South Africa?

Niniola: That's my home. Very nice people.

Taymi B: So, what is this, is it Afro-House, or Amapiano?

Niniola: A lot of people don't understand genres and EDM electronic dance music. It has different sub-genres. This song has a little bit of Afro-House, other African music elements, and Amapiano as well. 

Because I do so many sub-genres, it's a free space for me. So it is like I infuse Amapiano into Afro-House.

Niniola at this juncture dropped the big cat: She has a new EP coming soon. She wants fans to expect it in a few months. 

How many songs will be on it? When is it dropping? Who are the other singers to be featured? Will Beyoncé, or Drake, be featured? Niniola tells us to keep on the watch.