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T-Pain Claims Fans Prefer Beats Over Lyrics

The producers are the ones that deserve all the clout - T-Pain

Rapper T-Pain took to Twitter a few days ago to salute and show appreciation to the beatsmiths that continue to create the sound of Hip Hop.

“The producers are the ones that deserve all the clout because y’all really don’t be liking these songs, y’all really just like the beats,” T-Pain tweeted. “When you hear a certain producer’s tag you don’t give a fuck who’s on it because you know you gon like the beat give them they flowers fr.”

It is so sad that despite fans listening to songs for the beat instead of the rhymes, producers still won’t get the credit they deserve. Some of them know that no matter how many years they spend producing, it can never be the same, That’s partially why producers like Metro Boomin and the collective Internet Money have released albums as leading artists — producers don’t get enough credit, Hiphopdx reports.

The rapper was shocked to see so many messages on Instagram that he had never seen before because it was like he took a leave. How is he supposed to apologize? Call a town hall meeting?

He's still wondering what to do.