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MI Abaga on Love, Music Promotion, & Lifestyle

"I'll continue to make songs as long as I feel there's still a space for me."

Veteran rapper, MI Abaga sits with Mannie and Mahogany on Good Morning Nigeria Show, where he talks about his recent song 'All My Life' and other aspects of his life as a musician.

Excerpts below:

Mannie: What's the reception to the song like?

MI: It's always love. First of all, I got a shoutout to the Tribe of Judah. That's my fan base. They're the best fan base ever. These guys just have so much love and support. The support is crazy and growing but it was a little bit sad because we put out the song on Friday, and the next day, one of the most important tools in promoting songs was no longer permitted.

But we moved base. You know the love is always there, and we're excited. Look, I'm here with you guys, that's the love.

Mahogany: What advice do you have for others who were using the tool, now that it's no longer permitted?

MI: There's a lot of tools out there that's not been maximized. Take for example, Facebook. We don't always talk about it. But it's an amazing tool that we've been using. But I'll say that something I hear people talking about that's really dope is Nairaland. It's been there, a social media app that was there before any social media app was ever created. They have an amazing platform and that's the place to go.

Mahogany: MI is into many things financially. Will the rap go on for long?

MI: You always have a desire to make music to a certain point. But also the most important thing is to live, and you sort of follow the flow of life. I didn't know that I'll be where I am today and be in some of the things I'm doing. I'm grateful that I still have a desire to make music, and I'll continue to make it as long as I'm able to contribute something, as long as I feel there's still a space for me.

If I can still make music but people are not really interested in this style, then I'll just be a fan. I came in as a fan, I came in just in love with the music business, and I want to be able to just sit and be a fan.

Before a wrap on the discussion, MI also talks about love.

MI doesn't believe in the saying that sex is more powerful than love. 

"I was sitting in my house the other day and I heard someone say that s.e.x is better than love. No, no, we gotta correct that; love is the most powerful force on earth."

The rapper also pays homage to the new generation of artists that he calls amazing. He mentions the video directors, the stylists, the creators, and he mentions something spectacular about the guy his team worked with for styling. He says the guy is amazingly quick and good at what he does.

"These guys are geniuses!"

He pays homage to Oxlade's part of the production of 'All My Life'.