"I'm Gonna Build My Own Country" - Ajebutter 

Will he stop music soon? What about the style?

Nigerian music star Ajebutter has been on the Nigerian music scene for almost ten years.

He shares some aspects of his career with Mannie and Mahogany on the Good Morning Nigeria Show recently and touched a bit on his collaboration with Oxlade.

Mannie said Ajebutter has always been consistent, but the singer said he's had his quiet moments when he just wants to be inspired by others. 

The economic concerns sometimes get to Ajebutter as he referred to national issues as "lots of cracks covered by paperwork" in the country.

"Sometimes I just feel like there are lots of papering over the cracks because, in this country we live in, there are lots of cracks," Ajebutter told Mannie.

"We just paper everything up with enjoyment and happiness, and that's very key because if we didn't have those things, I'm not sure the mental state of the whole country will be bearable."

Will he stop music soon? What about the style?

"For me, when I'm doing my music I don't care about the style. I just express what comes to me how it comes to me. I always try to change but there are some core areas and foundation I can't really change as a person."

On longevity in his career, Ajebutter said he's always going to do music as long as it's fun. 

Of course, there have been challenges, such as a shift in the way people made music. At first, it wasn't accepted, for example, he said he had CDs but the way to go became online streaming. That was a bit of a challenge.

"If you're doing something and you're at the forefront, you won't get much benefit as the next generation that comes out after you. Also at that time, brands really didn't understand what we were doing, so working with them was difficult.

"The person that jumps next on the style, or mixes the style with something more commercial will get more of the benefits than you do. That's the kind of gift or curse for trendsetters and pioneers."

As much as Ajebutter has done a lot of amazing things, he promises to keep doing what he loves to do most.

He ended the conversation with Mannie with "I'm gonna build my own country. I'm telling you guys for free."