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Humblesmith on Afro Bongo-Sound

"There's a sound that will trend next year. Let's work on it," - Humblesmith

Afro-Bongo Master, Humblesmith was answering questions from Kaylah on The Road Show, and one of the topics they started with had to do with his style of music, Afro-Bongo.

Humblesmiths said that Afro-Bongo is a combination of all sounds, "whatever you can come up with, Afro-Bongo that's it. It's an open idea that you can fuse into whatever thing that comes to your mind. The inspiration comes from you, alowing your mind to express yourself to be free, so you can be creative.

He referred to when it began. 

"We actually started talking about it last year, when we started making music."

Those days included lockdown period. Humble smith had recorded about ten songs during that time in 2020.

"I was like something is missing because the target was a recorded album. There's a sound that will trend next year. Let's work on it," he told himself.

At that period, there were lot's of Amapiano vibes but Humblesmith wasn't discouraged by that.

He said it wasn't too hard to put out.

"Immediately, we recorded the song and played it from that night till the next morning. I was calling people to come and let's party."

Fans wanted him to drop the song immediately, but he said no, he would take his time.

Before the interview ended, Kaylah played the new single 'Dance' for the listeners to enjoy.

He said he looks forward to working with Justin Bieber and H.E.R.