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Blaqbonez On Why He Prefers Sex Over Love

I’m going to choose sex over love - Blaqbonez

Blaqbonez takes pride in the fact that he is doing well in the Nigerian music industry. He has several musical tracks that fans can relate to, and he is satisfied with the fact that he can describe himself as successful in his career.

The music maker sits with Manny and Mahogany of Cool FM on the Good Morning Nigeria show, earlier in May to talk about his musical career, and especially ‘Sex Over Love’ album that is still making waves at the moment.

Mahogany wanted to know what inspired the album.

“For me, if a female presents me with the option of sex or love, I’m going to choose sex over love,” Blaqbonez begins. “Because the way society defines love, and the responsibility that comes with it, I’m not ready or willing to do all that.

“I discover that things that won’t piss a girl off normally, would piss her off if she’s in a relationship. Why is she taking up her against her partner? Once you enter a relationship, all these negatives come out. Why can’t we just love each other on a normal basis, and treat each other like friends, and like family?”

However, he said he couldn't say if love is an impediment to success.

Manny asked him if there’s something in the past that he regrets, what would that be?

“I should have dropped out of school to pursue my music,” he says. “Music made me who I am but I feel like the longer I was in it, the longer I have in the game.”

He concludes that if there’s one thing he could have changed, that would be coming to Lagos sooner, and building his musical career soon enough.

Bling still remains his best work, by his standard, although people didn't think the song is great. It is the song that he worked on in the early days, and which still stands at the top of his favorites list.