"Broken Bottle Was Mixed Inside My Azul” T-Classic Reveals

“Yes I was Poisoned”

Tolulope Ajayi popularly known as T-Classic, the “Nobody Fine Pass You” crooner was a guest on the Superstar Wednesday show with Do2dtun where he made a shocking revelation about why he stayed away from the music scene.

T-Classic narrated how he was poisoned while partying with a superstar Nigerian artist at a club in Abuja, the artist made this revelation to Do2dtun without mentioning the name of the artist.

The drink was meant for the big artist, but the artist refused and passed it to T-Classic, a popular expensive alcohol “Azul”, T-Classic Innocently consumed the drink which broken bottle was ground inside.

“I was rushed to the hospital, and after bleeding without stopping, I spent a week or more at the hospital” he revealed.

However, T-Classic commented on why he hates people comparing him to other artists.

Watch the full interview to find out more about what T-Classic shared on fighting for his life after he was poisoned.