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Kemismallzz Plays The Chinese Fried Rice Vs Special Fried Rice #coolfoodgame

Kemismallzz certainly served us with a lot of energy and vibes on this thrilling episode of the Cool Food Game.

We all have that food we eat whenever we are broke, I believe we call it SAPA FOOD, well Kemismallzz believes otherwise “All food na food” should we agree with her? because she made a valid point.

Kemismallzz really doesn’t have weird food, or could we call BREAD AND HONEY a weird combination?

However, Kemismallzz was presented with two different food that tastes and look the same “Chinese Fried Rice Vs Special Fried Rice” probably with a different twist to the game, all she needs to do is tell the difference.

Did she get it right or wrong? You have got to watch the video to find out.