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Ajebutter on How & Why He Makes Music

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He sat with DO2DTUN of Cool FM to talk about some of his top projects

Nigerian musician and rapper, known for his wry, but wholesome lyrics and laconic delivery, Ajebutter22 (born Akitoye Balogun) first appeared on the scene in 2009 alongside his sister Taymi (aka Socialajebutterfly) in the eclectic hip-hop, electro-funk, and soul duo Soyinka’s Afro. He embarked on a successful solo career in the mid-2010s.

Recently, he sat with DO2DTUN of Cool FM on the show Midday Oasis to talk about some of his top projects, especially the latest song "King of Parole" which is still hot on social media. It is a smooth Amapiano record well blended with Rap and Pop

"I actually spend a lot of time making music, not necessarily putting it out. Apart from that, I do a lot of things in tech, entertainment, and media space as well. I'm also heavily involved in the cryptocurrency space," He begins.

The new song he made "King of Parole" brought the opportunity for doing crypto giveaways in which he sent money to people on Twitter. "Once you just do a dance video and you put it up, tag it, and give me your Bundle username, I'll send you money, simple."

Speaking about his best collaboration, he says it is Omo Pastor, a song he did with Boj several years ago. "It was very simple but classic. By that time, we haven't met each other. We were from different parts but we wanted to make it and we made it happen."

DO2DTUN wants to know if the best songs are the ones a singer didn't plan for. Ajebutter22 said yes. "It's a hundred percent the ones you don't plan for. You may not even be in the mood at the time when you first start working on the song.

"You know, music is like solving a puzzle in the universe. If you're just here in the empty space, essence, and vibe in form of music can just come from the space that you exist in, like a puzzle, forming, and joining together."

What has he achieved? Money or fulfillment?

"I'm definitely not doing it for free," Ajebutter22 says. "I'll tell you that my music career up till now has been financially very rewarding. I feel like if I'm not making money from music, I would have stopped singing. But to be candid, am I doing it for money? No. There's a fulfillment, there's a passion but I don't think there's anything I do just for money."