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Ifuennada Sheds More Light On Her $100k AMVCA Outfit

The just concluded AMVCA sparked loads of controversy across the country as fans reacted to the looks of their favorite celebs and Ex BBnaija housemate was at the receiving end of this fashion backlash.

Nigerian celebrity, Ifuennada speaks to Mannie about the misconception of her dress and outlook.

“Was this AMVCA dress a strategy?” Mannie asked.

“It was a strategy. I remember telling Tiannah that I want to scatter everywhere,” She replied.

Ifuennda was on the Breakfast Show with Mannie, and she enlightened listeners about the cost of her outfit and people's misconceptions about it, stating that there's a big difference between what she said and how people reacted to it, and emphasizing the fact that her “entire look cost 100k USD”.

“What people thought I said was I paid 100k Dollars for my AMVCA dress” she explained the cost of her outfit, starting from her Make-up, Shoes, Bag, and hair.

She referred to the dress as “Avant-Garde” which took months for her and her stylist to come up with, Tiannahs Place Empire styled this beautiful expensive-looking dress.

She certainly has enough to say about her AMVCA look, and her career, so watch the full video to find out more about Ifuennada's reaction.

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