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Cool FM is “Your #1 Hit Music Station”. It is an influencer radio station, based in Nigeria, with a global reach. It has a Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) format, with a core audience of 15-45.

The brand is lit, connected and fun. 

Cool FM is one of the most popular radio stations and most powerful media brands in the country. It operates in English language across 4 of the 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria, and reaches its valuable audience 24 hours a day, on air, online and on app.

Cool FM, a registered brand under Steam Broadcasting & Communication Ltd, provides high-quality entertainment to Nigerian consumers, and high-quality advertising solutions to agencies and clients.


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Our team of highly trained Account Managers, Planners and Traffic teams all work together using the latest industry software and technologies to ensure the creative design, effective planning and solid delivery of your airtime campaigns.

The time of day, the days of the week, the weeks of the month and months of the year all play part of the consideration when planning effective radio schedules. It’s as important as the commercial itself. One will not work well without the other.

Not only that, but a well-planned campaign will deliver a much higher return-on-investment, and greater reach & frequency, than one that just puts all the commercials in just a few primetime dayparts.


Our Award-Winning Production Hub supports our team of Award-Winning writers. This fully integrated team provides you with the best ideas, written by a talented, creative writer and then brought to life through state-of-the-art production techniques.

Music, Celebrity Voices, Sound Effects, Stories, Themes, Scenarios, and even silence all play a part in the vast amount of amazing things we do in radio commercials.

Our flair and passion for creative, powerful, entertaining and memorable radio commercials will deliver massive stand-out for you, whether in a local market on a single station, or in multiple markets on multiple brands.


Events & Promotions

We have dedicated teams of Event experts who are brilliant at bringing radio to life for any event or promotion.

Huge feel-good events, world-class OAPs and skilled hype men on the team mean we know how to rock a party ... and to Keep it Cool! On air promotions are a great way to really engage our audience with something that is interactive and fun to listen to. They can be great for driving water-cooler conversation starters and social media chatter fuel.


Our listeners have great relationships with our radio stations. They know us for the OAPs, Music, Conversation News, Travel, Sport Events. These all offer an opportunity to become embedded in our radio stations and engrained in the hearts and minds of the listeners on a deep, emotionally engaging level.

Your business, brand, product or service can become part of the fabric of the station and this powerful relationship with the listener. Long-term, it can create a position in the mind that can deliver huge value to your ‘Top-of-Mind’ recall, driving trial and sales.


Adding a digital element to any campaign is crucial and our digital production team can create an online campaign that will deliver results.

Thanks to our great relationship with our listeners, our online campaigns typically deliver over 3 times* the interaction and engagement compared to other websites.


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Our clients love our work across broadcast radio and the digital landscape. They love how creative we are and how focused we are in making campaigns that engage consumers and provide a high return on investment to our commercial partners.

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Client Management Team

The client management team at Cool FM get involved in all aspects of establishing the needs of both agencies and direct clients. They helping the creative and SPI teams come up with the most powerful radio campaign ideas.




The specialist SPI team work closely with producers and presenters to design and develop powerful opportunities to help agency clients and local businesses stand out, and to connect with our audience in a special way. They really know to bring radio to life.


Our Digital team have over 10 years experience providing online marketing solutions that engage audiences. This provides our clients with full cross-platform, multi-media solutions; vital in today’s online and digital world. From Design, Campaign Planning and Content Creation, the team can help you through the Broadcast and Digital radio environments.

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