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Shankcomics Reveals Why He Can’t Accept 10 Million Naira For An Endorsement Deal

Adesokan Emmanuel is a popular Nigerian online influencer and skit maker, popularly known as Shankcomics.

He joined Gucci on the road show which turned out to be a cheerful conversation as they talked about creating content and skit production, and he also shared the highest amount he was paid for an endorsement.

The influencer, who originally moved to Lagos in 2019 after his university education to kick-start his influencing career, had his first viral skit in 2020.

He has over 800k followers on Instagram, and more numbers across his social media account.

“I was paid ten million Naira for an endorsement, then I was on 200k followers but it’s higher now because the number is more now,” he told Gucci on The Road Show.

Shankcomics also revealed how he got the viral funny slang “uhn uhn uhn Opor” used in his skit and among fans.

Watch the full interview to enjoy every hilarious moment and conversation.

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