1. Lagos
Night Cafe'


The Night Café kicks off with listeners calling in to share their experiences during the day. I share work jokes just to keep the show lively and people generally calling to give shout outs.

Each day between 9pm and 10pm has a different genre of music. From Old School to Soft Rock Hour etc. From 10pm the LOVE ZONE begins. This is the biggest show element for the belt. Relationship talks and issues every individual faces on a daily basis are being discussed. At some point on the Show, listeners are given the opportunity to share their problems which listeners call in to advice or proffer a solution. The idea behind is “let’s all help one another through a difficult situation through our individual experiences.”

From 12am to 1am the last element is the Good Night Kisses. Listeners love this show element. They basically call in to literally “blow” a good night kiss to a loved one with a special message for them, also telling them to have a wonderful night rest. I also play their favorite songs as well.


SME-Africa1.jpg Discovering and discussing with the next inventor, business mind, creator and social entrepreneur on they sustain their business in the Nigerian economy, given the economic challenges. Nigeria has been faced with an economic downturn since the fall of oil prices and fall of the Naira against the Dollar, this has added to the crisis of low economic development and poor sustainability, which ripple effects fall on the backs of the Nigerian who seeks means to survive. Livelihood has been dwindling, affecting aspirations of the young and employable force. Employment is low and employees battle with sustaining their businesses, hence the increase in unemployment. This economic situation has challenged Nigerians to become entrepreneurs. On SME Africa, we find out how entrepreneurs have taken up the challenge of striving to succeed within Nigeria and her conditions.